Anna Estdhal

Anna Estdahl was born in Denmark and raised in Italy, where she first entered a theatre being a child, as her family ran a cinema-theatre of 1500 seats in Versilia-Tuscany, since the 50s.

She studied philosophy, anthropology, performing arts, and has been a press agent, a teacher, a translator, a performer.

Since 2014 she is engaged in the field of contemporary performing arts, internationally, as creative producer, artists' consultant and tour manager, advisor, International officer, working with a number of emerging freelance artists, companies, festivals, structures, especially in the contemporary dance field, but also with new circus, experimental theatre, performance art.

She is passionate about helping artists in the development of their career in an International environment, in Europe and beyond; in building community based projects (Valletta 2018, Matera 2019); in networking activities. She is curious and loves to connect people and projects from different areas and countries through a vision, seeking for beautiful things to happen.

Her current research is about “business models” and the sustainability of the performing arts sector.

She believes in a team work, in a learning-by-doing practice, focused on ethics and values, reflecting the principles that guide and lead our actions. Her practice is based on the idea that before being artists/producers, we are citizens, a creative part of the society who could bring an important contribution. Her motto is “let make it happen”.




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