Mixité proudly presents our third festival. Held in the courtyard and tower called Treseau at theworld famous heritage site of La Cité in Carcassonne.

We invite you to discover a part of La Cité not normally open to the public. Here you will

find dazlling artists performing from our region of Occitanie.


Jackie Taffanel is an important and much admired French choregrapher, Since the early 80’s.

she has been nurturing new forms in contempory dance in Montpellier. She is showing here

her last creation « Celles-la », a duo danced by Eugénie Bacqué and Laura Vilain.


« Les Corps Citadelles , Le Peuple de Carca » has been created for the festival by Annabelle

Playe. This multimedia installation/ performance is using lyrical singing, electronic music,

poetry and dance. This performance, conceived during a residence in Carcassonne between the quarter of La Conte and La Cité will take place in the vaulted room of the tower of Treseau.


Being faithfull to some artists that we support since 2012 and willing to promote contemporary artistic creations in Carcassonne, we will present this year again the author Catherine Froment, well known performer and director . She will perform her latest project « La fin des jours, le jour de toute fin » ». with the musician and composer Aline Loustalot.


Mixité 2019 is delighted to show in our program, dance films from our friends of the festival « Quartiers Danses de Montréal « from Quebec Canada.

We also welcome an international delegation with whom we work very closely for a professionnal Round Table. Having a shared interest cooperating on cultural issues in the performing arts on stage.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new festival.


Les corps citadelles, le peuple de Carca 

Annabelle Playe

20 and 22 June - 8 pm

Tour du Tréseau , medieval city, entrance "Porte de la Narbonnaise"

Free Entrance, reservation needed

The scenery and the performance build a mosaic made out of different mediums : text, sound, images which can be perceived independently from one another. It is the visitor who creates the bond as becoming actor in this diptyque.

The Citadelle of Carcassonne is the main character : an enclosure that contains, confines or protects.It is a labyrinth in which a young walker tries to turn his dreams into reality. A reflection about nomads, migrants and sedentary persons. A shattered human fresco, this fantastic image expresses blindness and clearsightedness.

Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplanary artist, exploring voice, sound, video and writing according to her projects. She studied song and composition with Sergio Ortega at the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Pantin. She performs live using electronic instruments. Her music swings from electroacoustic, electronic, drone to noise. She has created solos and duos with the videasts Philippe Fontes and Hugo Arcier and the musician Marc Siffert. DAC records has produced her albums « Matrice », « Vaisseaux » and « Geyser ». She performs in France and abroad. In 2018, she is awarded by the SACD Fondation « Musique de Scène » for the show »Delta Charlie Delta » and until 2020, she will be an associated composer to the « Scènes Croisées » in Lozère.

Celles-là !

Jackie Taffanel

20 June - 10 pm

Cour du Midi Château Comtal

Free Entrance, reservation needed

A choregraphic creation for two performers showing the liberty of movement, thinking and interacting in order to free the extravagance in each of them. This duo explores the idea that looking without prejudice can create a space of play that allows the discovery of a remarkable feminine extravagance. Ramblings, eccentricities, fancies, joyous madness are part of the space through encounters, crossings and tangles which by undoing themselves save up structured appearances. It is the infinite bond between « le faire et défaire », the doing and undoing which is in play between these two, « Celles-là ».

Jackie Taffanel lives and works in a large workshop in Montpellier. For over 20 years in France and abroad, she has been creating choregraphic pieces which have all in common a « tactile musicality », an hypersensitive involvement of the performers into the writing process. She is allways searching being a fanatic of the poetical echoes of motion. She shares her work hypothesises with teachers, scholars and dance lovers during her training sessions.

La fin des jours, le jour de toute fin

Catherine Froment

22 June - 10 pm

Cour du Midi Château Comtal

Free Entrance, reservation needed

A woman crosses the space in the city and takes us with her, through her personnal feelings in relation to the surrounding world. Step by step, as caught by the exterior space, she decides to leave her home and starts walking. On her way she meets an old woman and a man, both engaged in the same walking process. A performance which shows the path followed by characters leaving their interior space, as if called by the exterior world, allowing a rebirth only by changing these spaces.

Catherine Froment, born in 1979 is an author, performer, actor, and director. Trained by leading artists cultivating a singular relationship to matter and body as Rodrigo Garcia, Oskar Gomez Mata. Her own company, founded in 2009, and called «Dans le sens Opposé » supports her activities in performing contemporary theater, performances, sessions of writing and training in unusual places. As an author, she has published at the « éditions R.R. Ecritures » two books : « La Spectatrice de la Vitesse » in 2012 and « Quelque chose peut encore rentrer dans ma vie » in 2018. She is an associated artist in Gentilly at the « Generateur » and in Saint Ouen at « Main d’œuvres » and engaged in a writer’s residence in both Saint Ouen and Saint Denis in 2019.

Aline Loustalot, sound creator, author of sound environments for many theater directors, among them C.P., J.N., C.D., B.V., L.P., G.D., S.B., M.F. Her sound, as an echoe to texts and voices is particular and has been performed on many stages as Théâtre de l’Odéon, de la Colline, and in the Festival d’Avignon .

Dance films from Quebec - short films programm

21 June - 6 pm

Cinéma Le Colisée - Ticket price : 7 €

Thanks to our partnership since 2001 between La Galerie Chorégraphique in Carcassonne and Le Festival Quartiers Danses in Quebec , we are proud to present, as a french première, a selection of short films on dance shot by directors in Quebec. A selection made by Rafik Sabbagh, executiv art director of the Festival Quartiers Danses and Marlène Millar, film maker and producer.

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